Toddlers, preschoolers, kindergartners and elementary school children are rapidly developing their coordination, strength and agility through use of gross motor activities, usually on playgrounds. Early Childhood Environments provides a wide range of playground and natural play scape design services. We create playgrounds using our unique approach to design which enriches children’s play experiences. We understand that children have different needs and abilities at every stage of their development and our designs reflect those needs and abilities. We provide custom 2D and 3D color renderings including equipment and landscape specifications. ECE will work with your landscape architect, contractor, and engineer and provide full construction management.

The worst day as a child care provider can be the day when a child is hurt on your playground. Accidents can happen. Properly installed and maintained playground equipment lessens the possibility of playground accidents.Our Certified Playground Safety Inspectors are available to see that your equipment is properly installed and maintained. Our Playground Safety Workshops instruct all employees on the proper use and maintenance of playground equipment.

Our Playground Designs